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Pre-surgical Instruction and Education

At Gurnee Physical Rehabilitation this pre-operative program typically consists of 1-2 sessions prior to your procedure. The sessions will include a review of safe and gentle exercises which will help to decrease any post operative swelling and discomfort, any physician recommended protocols with regard to changes in weight bearing status (as appropriate) and use of assistant devices. The sessions will also give you the time and opportunity to ask questions and clarify information so that your mind is at ease.

Therapeutic Strengthening &
Endurance Exercises

At Gurnee Physical Rehabilitation we will create a therapeutic exercise program which is focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals. These one-on-one  sessions will provide you with a highly specialized protocol focused on musculo-skeletal biomechanics and the physiology of exercise. So, whether you want to preamble in the for est preserve or run a marathon, work out at home or attend a gym with confidence your fitness and lifestyle goals can be accomplished.

Home Exercise Program

At Gurnee Physical Rehabilitation we will perform a thorough and comprehensive initial evaluation and create an individualized and progressive home exercise protocol which addresses your specific pathophysiology, injury or wellness goal. You will be guided through the specific components of the program and learn how to safely progress your exercises independently.

Fall Prevention

At Gurnee Physical Rehabilitation we integrate the principles of fall prevention, increased awareness of safety in the home, therapeutic exercise, balance and gait re-education to create a comprehensive and individualized program.

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